• DIY-creative-ideas

    8 Creative DIY Ideas To Make Ramadan Special For Children

    I don’t know about you but every Ramadan I stress about doing something special for the kids to make them feel that special Ramadan spirit. Well, now you don’t have to stress because I’ve collected some of the best and most beautiful ideas in this list. 1. Ramadan Garlands Masha’Allah the creative sister behind Sweet …

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  • 7-Instagram-Accounts-That-Are-Worth-Following-For-A-Muslim-Art-Lover

    7 Instagram Accounts That Are Worth Following For A Muslim Art Lover

    If you like me spend too much time on the “Explore” tab in Instagram, you should read this article. It gives you all the best Islamic art Instagrammers you need to follow! 1. Na7t Designs This man is so talented Masha’Allah! He makes Arabic calligraphy all modern making it look like graffiti. 2. I Have …

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  • Muslim-Childrens-Books

    10 Muslim Children’s Books You Need To Read For Your Child

    There are many Muslim books out there but I found it hard to find interesting books for kids without the language being too complicated or the illustrations being a bit poor. So here you have a list of Muslim kids books which I think every Muslim kid should read! At least the illustrations should make …

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  • muslim-cake-inspiration

    24 Creative Ways To Decorate A Cake With A Muslim Theme (Number 4 Is My Favorite)

    I am so fascinated by these creative cakes masha’Allah!  I love to decorate cakes myself but these cakes just make me look like a silly amateur. Here you have a list of the most creative cakes with a Muslim touch. I warn you, you might either get hungry or want to rush to the kitchen to …

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  • muslim-paradise-islands

    5 Muslim Paradise Islands With Plenty Of Halal Food You Should Totally Visit

    What better vacation than a vacation at a paradise island with crystal clear water, amazing coral reefs and a lot of local halal food! This is what I call all-inclusive! These paradise islands with a Muslim majority are a must-see for every Muslim who loves to travel. Not only is nature and the surroundings amazing, …

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  • Famous-Muslims-Footballers

    9 Photos Of Famous Muslims Footballers Before They Rose To Fame

    If you’re a football fanatic, you’ve probably seen most of these Muslim footballers before. But just to remind us that all these footballers started somewhere and with the help of Allah became what they are today, we’ve collected the cutest childhood pictures of some of the greatest players of all time. 1. Mesut Özil Mesut Özil is …

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